Negotiation Seminar

With audio seminars regardless of time and place, learn with the triumph of the new media, in particular the success of mp3 players, arise new and contemporary forms of training. The medium audiobook proves to be for years as very successful, since it is possible to enter a text while you are otherwise engaged. Also training are offered as audio courses. There are often very extensive, complete courses on CD and many books to training are dubbed with professional speakers as an audiobook. The pd-unlimited company in Mannheim is another way with the platform. Starting from the special skills of a trainer, developed this audio seminar and there even in the recording Studio. A learning control and an optional workshop complete the range. The audio seminar has just successfully negotiate the expert for negotiation art Bonisch developed Wolfgang and recorded in a recording studio in Mannheim.

As Bonisch tells the audio seminar is aimed both at people, the is the first time with want to employ the theme of negotiations as well as experienced negotiators who are in search of a refresher and new techniques and tools. It is a comprehensive compendium of nearly four hours concentrated expert knowledge. The negotiation expert uses the audio seminar also in ongoing training projects, to cover the transfer and to prepare the next training session. “The participants come with fresh knowledge in the seminar and we get faster to the implementation,” explains Bonisch. So can more effectively use training time and the duration of training is shorter, also economic for the company, what is the training. For a first impression the negotiation trainer negotiating just successfully offers the download of a chapter of the audio seminar. This Badana, born about Wolfgang can be found on the website Bonisch Wolfgang 1958, is an expert in the art of negotiation with a wealth of experience in different fields of activity.

The coach, coach and motivational speaker lives with international experience in Hamburg. in 2001, he founded the W & H Bacolod GmbH and runs training courses on communication, sales, leadership and personal development since then. The workshop of art of negotiation”is not only the title of his monograph, but also the name of a 2008 launched comprehensive training programme. Bonisch in bundles its competencies to a comprehensive offer for all questions of successful negotiations.

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