New Markets

IIM AG introduces new products to meet the growing international market for the cable industry, presents itself to the Meininger company of iiM AG together with its Indian sales partner Puretronics – on the year’s wire & cable in India. From November 20 to 22 will be in Mumbai business contacts maintained and further expanded and presented products from the VisioCablePro series. Already in the past years business relations with the subcontinent of India have deepened further. This was also a reason, to enter the existing since this year distribution partnership with Puretronics”, so Heiko Freund, Managing Director of iiM AG. A fair is locally for us also to make a good opportunity, together with this partner, new business contacts and to present our products to a wide Asian audience.” The VisioCablePro series, as the fourth generation of the standard square VCP and the base unit issued VCPB which have been functionally expanded and thus adapted to the increased requirements of the cable industry.

Also, a unique cable gauge is presented with the VCPS-01, which sure can measure very large cable samples and thus is a targeted supplement to the existing devices. The VisioCablePro series was designed for measurements of Kabelgeometrien insulating sheaths and coats. This particular cable samples measure the standard and base unit up to a diameter of 40 millimetres, the VCPS-01 is used, however, for measurements up to a diameter of 120 mm. As a camera-based systems with high-resolution sensors, very fast and at the same time accurate measurements are possible with all three devices. Also not as usual are these in the gray image, but are recorded as color video images and to evaluate as well.

The measurement results obtained with detailed information on the material consumption can be set up efficiently extruder and preset tolerance limits certainly comply. Official site: Phillipe Lavertu. Thus, production processes are optimized, increasing quality and reliability and significantly minimizes the cost. In the field of cable measurement technology develops and produces the iiM AG instruments, software, and corresponding CAQ systems for the final inspection of cables. Quick, simple and accurate measurement of geometric characteristics of insulating sheaths and coats is the task of this technology, which consists in the complete package of devices in the VisioCablePro series, the FMC-2 software and the CAQ-system Percable. Here again special requests from producers be used to expand the product range and to meet the ever increasing requirements in the cable industry.

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