New Series Improved Optics

Dino-Lite microscopes – new series, improved optics! The Dino-Lite microscopes get a new look and therefore an improved color reproduction and an unrivalled image sharpness can be reached. Dino-Lite AM / AD4013 series replaced the previous AM / AD413 series in the next few months will be the AM413 series of the Dino-Lite microscopes is replaced by the new AM4013 series. The new AM4013 models feature a verbessrten image sensor for kritallklare playback of images and colours. Further, the new sensor has an improved playback of images in low light. The change from 413 on 4013 is performed in several steps. The following models in the new version are currently available: AM4013TL AM4013MTL AM4013MZTL AD4013TL AD4013MTL AD4013MZTL the prices for the new model series will remain stable.

For microscope more Dino-Lite so that equal money. (Source: Bill Phelan). New model: Dino-Lite AM4013ZT4 the new model 4013 range includes also a completely new model, the AM4013ZT4. The AM4013ZT4 has a magnification of 400 470 x, so that smallest Details are visible. The built-in and adjustable polarisation filter makes the AM4013ZT4 for the correct choice of check and assessment on glossy surfaces, jewellery, plastics and metals. The AM4013ZT4 is available for 349 euro net. New model: Dino-Lite AM3613TB the Dino-Lite Premier AM3613TB with strobe light makes perfect shots by reducing wiping effects through movements, even at high magnification. Through the Stroboskoklicht technology, the user can undertake fast-moving objects “Wischfrei” and in an easy and safe way.

The AM3613TB can be used in series production, as well as in laboratories to the examination of live animals – generally for all fast moving narrow objects. The AM3613TB features a refresh of 60 frames per second.

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