Number Problems

There was no answer and there were many reasons to abandon the idea. Especially because the engineers at the Ford factory, said: "impossible!" But no. Henry Ford was Henry Ford. He said: "Well, you do not can and I will not argue with you, work out how to work. There are those who can. The task before us is, I did not shoot and we are all looking for a solution. And he found someone who can. These were marine engineers, that he put this task. They had no the idea that the "impossible" and Henry Ford sent their "minds" to search for solutions. And so, it is. And the company is Ford – Number 1 in the world (at that time). Note that this is important. He did not fight with those who are considered "impossible" and prove to them something. Just left the problem and the solution was found. Management syndrome "and want to keep quiet" or why the silent leader if you as a leader, tried to put the problem subordinates and very often these problems of your subordinates is returned you in the form of problems and can not be done, and sometimes in the form of tantrums, you could develop the syndrome of "want and silent." What is it? This is a situation where the manager sees the company's problems and keeps it all to yourself. He an idea that if he will make these issues for discussion, then the situation will only get worse.

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