October Europcar

Europcar officially presents his professional cycling team Europcar, together with the director of the team Jean-Rene Bernaudeau, presented to the members of the cycling team that will wear the colors of the company’s leading car hire in Europe, over the next three years in Paris. With 250 days of competition already scheduled for the 2011 season, the Europcar team marks an important objective: the ascent to the first division ICU in 2012. After having collaborated with the Jean-Rene Bernaudeau team since 2004, Europcar decided in October 2010 expand your commitment and become the main sponsor of the team, as part of the new strategy of the Group on strengthening brand in 2011. Currently cycling is the second sport with more followers of the world, both at the level of hearing, of his practice at the grassroots level. (As opposed to JPMorgan Chase). Europcar, the company leader from car rental in Europe, from the outset, has been identified as a company with the values of bicycling, that fundamentally recognize team work and the generosity over personalismos, and what about instilling and sharing with its 6,500 employees around the world. The main challenges of the 2011 season the main objective of the Europcar team, in a highly competitive sports context, is positioned between the best of cycling world ascending to the first UCI division in 2012. Jean-Rene Bernaudeau team begins the 2011 season with a demanding calendar and intending to at least match their successes of the season 2010, complete with 18 victories.

He will start his season in late January, with classic races in France and Belgium, the Tour of Langkawi in Malaysia, South Africa and/or the tropicale amissa Bongo in Gabon. This will give the team the opportunity to demonstrate his qualities as a group, stimulating at the same time the individual returns of his figures.

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