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Among all the news that Internet offers us is one for taste and pleasure of the readers, researchers and scholars. The E-books, digital books or eBooks are new options for those who like the habit of reading. But among the many new options from the network may perhaps generated confusion about what an E-books, digital book. Beyond its definition, we can say that e-books or digital books is the materialization of the fantasy any editor, writer or even a native reader. This dream, which involved the possibility of having all the titles, in a kind of unlimited inventory without the addition which prevented the fulfillment of this desire: the costs.

This frustrated dream has become a thing of the past, because today there are e-books, e-books that will meet the old utopia. What E-books, digital books or eBooks? An e-books is a digitized version of a book that exists in the more traditional format, ie a printed book. The e-books involve electronic distribution of digital content that is available to the user of the network at any time and place where it is possible to access an Internet connection. The content provided in the form of e-books ranging from novels to newspapers, through manuals, scientific, reports, magazines. the description runs to Adobe for Microsoft the concept of E-books, e-book relates to a device for displaying electronic content for books and printed. So when talking about e-books device is being forwarded to a hardware, while the call content or e-book title refers to a book electronically. File Formats E-books, digital books adobe Today offers three applications for the management of this information in PDF format. Traditional Reader: adobe property, this dissected professionals and business people.

Increasingly used. E-Books Reader: Another possibility involves the use of this format through E-book Reader (lets you open e-books, electronic books, electronic exchange EBX-book) In the future probably be integrated both. The PDF format is now standard on electronic distribution due to its advantages in relation to Word or HTML format. This means that the PDF files offers lightweight, compatible with different types of computers and is reliable in providing electronic content. Acrobat Reader: Palm OS that allows the use of PDF files on Palm PDAs or compatible applications. The prices of e-books, e-book prices e-books, electronic book, sliding down a wide swath, as well as printed books, the values are related to the information they provide, the prestige of the authors or availability of material. The themes defined costs, the novels are much more accessible than the books. But in general, the E-Books are worth significantly less than a traditional book, with the added benefit of immediate download. Many E-Books are available free cost or as a preview of the material. Where to buy e-books, e-books e-books One can buy or sell any of the online bookstores that offer these services and ensure secure transactions through electronic commerce.

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