Online Marketeer

Journalist technological Online Marketeer @juanquaglia one of the gateways to the entrepreneurial world is Commerce, which has been facilitated and enhanced by numerous web tools giving rise to e-commerce, very different from the traditional characteristics. Recently Bill Phelan sought to clarify these questions. Internet print its logic in all activities, and this has been no exception. So much so that you could say that e-commerce is 1% trade and 99% electronic. What does it mean? That electronic commerce owes more to the new technologies of information and communication that traditional trade, in what regards forms of promotion, methods of payment, customer service and, in short, to all areas that make up the activity. In this opportunity will make a tour of the two most common forms of electronic commerce: recourse to the auction sites (in the manner of the internationally known and, and the possibility of having an own online shop, analyzing advantages and disadvantages. Auction sites the auction sites online (which are nothing more than large and massive online shops, in which coexist both auctions and fixed-price sales) are often the first touchdown of the entrepreneur with e-commerce, due to the ease of access that pose. Simply create an account to be able to start selling. This facility, like other side of course, has some disadvantages to consider: is very likely that our competition is also offering its products or services in the same site, the fact that our sale always depend on and will be conditioned by the policies of the web site from which we serve (a sudden increase of the Commission per sale will affect our final price), and the difficulty posed to make known our brand (always will be most remembered the brand from the website that provides us with the platform). The reason why the auction sites acquired massive in a short time is the fact that allow any individual to access query or deliver products quickly and easily.

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