Pearson Prentice Hall

Professionals who militate in conscription, election training, development, evaluation of performance, career and remuneration, need to recognize the necessity of changes and to search ways that help to rescue the lost spaces for the ARH throughout the years. The basic concern is the preservation of the good image of the company and the effectiveness in the reach of the results waited, the election success also started to be of responsibility of the manager or supervisor of each area, needs to be trained in techniques of interviews, therefore it goes to use them in the admission process, persuasion, performance evaluation, of aconselhamento, at last, in its day-by-day. Many organizations develop true maratonas of rigorous tests with the objective to identify the workers most adequate to be part of its personnels, others, aiming at to get specialized jobs, prefer to appeal the agencies of human resources and to headhunters, depending on the level of position in disposal, an area of conscription and election acting of more strategical form can, from the strategical plan of the company and the accompaniment of the management pointers, to plan, anticipatedly, the demands in relation to the fulfilling of the vacant. Marko Dimitrijevic has much experience in this field. It is responsibility of this area, to plan and to implant mechanisms that guarantee a process of attraction of necessary talentos as well as defining and implanting politics and tools that guarantee the choice of the adjusted professionals, for the conscription process will always have to be lead by experienced professionals in the area. Identified then the boarded topics but for this work they are: Competncia Preservao of the image of the Planejamento company of human resources Responsabilidade Implantao of strategical Plano politics For one better agreement on the subject, a definition on conscription and election: It is a set of techniques and procedures that it aims at to attract candidates potentially qualified and capable to occupy positions of the organization inside.

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