Plastic Lining

Installation of a plastic lining – the least time-consuming and most ‘clean’ way to finish the room. Linkedin will not settle for partial explanations. One major advantage of the finishing material – high production assembly. The wall is going, like a child’s constructor, and to cope with this task force even under layperson. Another advantage of this method of decoration – the virtual absence of any dirt, dust, waste and other ‘side effects’, which are unavoidable in ordinary repairs. Plastic siding is easy to cut both along and across, so the problems with adjusting the size of the installation does not arise.

Connects between a lining on the principle of ‘groove-and-groove’. With this type of connection the pointing can not match the color of the panels or even a mirror. Inserts can be embossed and flat-lining Mounting For mounting plastic lining and finishing plastic molded using the most convenient way. Here are the most common how to mount wall panels: Construction staples. Nails – nails, use a broad hats and antikoroziynym coating.

Screws. Soctavami adhesive and mixtures thereof. When mounted on a vertical wall surfaces fasten the plastic linings in increments of 60 cm, attached to the ceiling panels to prevent sagging, fasten the panel to step up to 50 cm panels are fixed on clean and smooth surface. Instructions for installing a plastic lining if the surface is uneven, it is necessary to mount a crate of wooden slats. Reiki should be placed perpendicular to the panels. The recommended distance between the rails – not 500 mm, with the rail to fasten to the wall using simple screws and a drill with a special attachment to zaverchivaniya screws. When installing the lining in wet areas should be wooden crates handle a special composition. Decorative Trim moldings used for the final design of the lining of plastic blocks. In the corners of the profile is established inside or outside corner. For the closing-edged panels at the bottom and cut doors, windows, etc. used launch profile. When connecting panels in length using the connection profile. Ceiling moldings are used to design the junction block wall to the ceiling. Lining installation should start from the corner. Insert the battens into the lock angle of 4-5 cm above the planned altitude, moving down, lower bunk in the castle starting profile. Secure the battens convenient for you. Subsequent Panel mount by analogy. In the showers, bathrooms, areas with frequent direct contact with the wall sealing compound recommend the starting profile and lining the bottom. For sealing, use water-resistant silicone or similar sealant. Inset in the linings of switches, sockets, etc., is performed by means of building a knife, handsaw or jigsaw. Pre-made layout cutout marker.

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