Potential Customers

Within all advertising media that are used, the postcard (or postcard) is one of the best resources in marketing and advertising. The format of the postcard has a resemblance to a business card but with a larger size, still 16 x 11 cm approximately, allowing to embed more information than a conventional card. What can you use it? -Career advancement. If you work in any independent profession you can use the postcard as means of presentation. For freelancers and freelance. (Photographers, musicians, actors, models, artists, designers, plumbers, services reforms) – promotion of product or service one of the advantages is that this format allows you to launch a message of great impact, and direct getting caught the attention of the public. Although the postcard is to be effective and able to attract a potential customer must follow a series of guidelines: 1.

focus on a single goal tend to think that when we offer more, better chance of sales will have. But It is shown, generated more sales when the attention is focused on a single product when many options are presented. It avoids presenting more than one product or service because in this way you will divert attention and cause indecision. I recently read that, on one occasion, a test was made through a teleshopping program in two ads featuring the same product. In the first announcement, showed a single clock and in the second model, was a choice of 9 models. It was found that the advertisement showing a single model had generated 60 percent more sales than that present 9 models. This shows that you will have a higher success rate, if in your advertising postcard you focus your strategy on a single goal. 2 Directing the reader to perform an information space action is very brief, therefore, once you’ve captured your attention and interest you should direct the reader to expand your information or go to a particular place.

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