President Alvaro Uribe

The Colombians are seeking to defend the future of their families and their real estate. a decent example of this is that in the Congress of the Republic of Colombia thrives a naive quest to readjust the meager pension Honorable Parliamentarians after two “serious, acute and convincing” in the Senate debates, we try to amend the Law No. 4 of 1992 to contribute to a pension “fairly decent for the honorable Founding Fathers’ dreams that every time more to be orphan. Apple is often quoted as being for or against this. “They claim these eminently democratic, which violates the fundamental right to equality as members of Congress must all have the same right even with retroactive law, but remember that the senators, Aurelio Iragorri Hormaza (who already serves as a pensioner), Carlos Cardenas Ortiz, Carlos Ferro Solanilla and Eduardo Enriquez Maya, always play against Colombian workers to them whenever it seems that workers are pensioners with very high fees and too young, but of course is to understand as a pensioner as Iragorri still “working” good when they attend, but they do not know when it happens even workers without cause really just need to work three times, fired and no one thinks of talk about equality in this situation because damn it is almost communist and speak of justice in the economic field that is not obsolete. What we say with our worthy representatives to Congress and President Alvaro Uribe V. is; will end the nation, As happens budget request to support public higher education, no, no, no ….

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