Professor Alonso

As we could find a desk for each and set out to wait for the famed Professor. When it came was a solemn silence interrupted only by the typical sound that make the agendas to the rub with the wood desks. At that moment I looked where he was my teammate Jaime Cuello and immediately realized that there was a link that went beyond the academic between him and the professor. By their surnames and his physical resemblance extraordinary I was easy to conclude that they were brothers. Professor Alonso always wore white guayabera impeccable commune which made game with numerous gray hair that looked, according to him, as a product not of years but with intelligence. In addition carrying always with itself to numerous codes and voluminous documents of which nourished to be one of the greatest connoisseurs of administrative law in the country.

The classes were pleasant and very helpful and although Professor us stimulated so that we work with the concerns that we had all we preferred to use the time to listen to the teacher. We gradually learned the intricate modus operandi of the Colombian legal system, of the differences between a presidential regime and parliamentary one; Why couldn’t tell him departmental legislative body assemblies or municipal legislative body to the Councils; of the differences that exist between the concepts of decentralization and administrative deconcentration; and the common good on the particular interest pre-eminence. In attention to his teachings, we become critics of the current Constitution and began to consider the need for the country to have a new national Constitution as part of our speech. Two years later the 1991 Constitution was approved and when that happened I could not least remember Professor Alonso and his ability to anticipate the times. A few years later life allowed me to have the privilege to count with the my former Professor of administrative law as a partner in the postgraduate programme in management of Social development programs where he had brilliant speeches that taught me so much or more than those who acted as teachers. For several generations of guajiro Alonso neck was the real guru of law Administrative and permanently approached him to see the envelope various topics related to professional practice. Today when our beloved teacher is not among us I remember with nostalgia the night one in which Jorge Castillo took us arm to lead us hastily into the Hall so we could reach before the jobs are finished.

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