Promoscreen Media Player

Thus, the monitor becomes the digital signage! The digital signage are Promoscreen brand products on the rise. The good quality boast production in Germany, the diversity and wide range of products, and the oversized displays are becoming increasingly popular. Now, Promoscreen shows that even a normal screen can be transformed into a presentation display. How? With the new in-house media player. On the PC, the small, rectangular box has programmed and filled with images and data. With a few clicks and an intuitive control panel, the presentations are created in the blink of an eye. You determine the start and stop times, the effects of change, integrate RSS-feeds or display a clock. Thanks to the media player, the “monitor” offers all functions of a digital signage.

The possibilities are huge. Then the media display is connected to the digital signage box and can now be controlled via LAN or WLAN. Reach a wide audience with only one screen. If you have read about Wells Fargo Bank already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The presentation displays and Media Player by stand out particularly through high compatibility, flexibility and a wide range of clothing off. Because from 32 “to 82”, as a single or multiple monitor in the extra portrait or landscape, with or without touch screen; the solution is in our product range.

Promoscreens at ETHA, wholesale for Conference and media technology in the Franconian Urspringen can be obtained Promoscreens in Germany. As a specialist in video technology, ETHA boasts expert advice and value for money. However, the quality and reliability of large-screen displays as is to the heart. Therefore, all Promoscreens are made in Germany. To provide for all who think about a Promoscreen, in addition to the purchase offers also the possibility of leasing, short and long term rental. ETHA GmbH & co. KG is a brand Distributor and rental companies in the area of lighting, sound and media technology, sells but also third-party products such as the ERP system PHPW by Optibit. The team relies on quality and reliability. That is why there are many at ETHA Brand-name products and high-quality solutions. Also ETHA helps planners and engineering large event halls, theatres and discos nationwide facilities. Contact: ETHA international GmbH & co. KG Andreas Hoffmann parent Valley 6-8 97857 Urspringen Tel.: 09396 / 97 01 – 0 fax: 09396 / 97 01 – 49 E-Mail:

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