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The online pharmacy is giving away copies of rice poetry ‘Storm and Tang’ from November 17 Stockach online Versandapotheke tests new forms of cooperation. Starts weissbooks.w and the book gift action of storm and Tang with the Frankfurt Publisher”. “From 17 to 30 November ApoVia received customers of orders from 50 the gift book storm and Tang” of the authors of else Marie Kelliher and Christian Golusda to your order for free. To do this, customers must only storm TANG coupon code”enter your order. More cooperation could follow this pilot project. The two business owners Wolfgang Braun (ApoVia) and Anya Schutzbach (weissbooks.w) are optimistic and curious to see whether this daring mix of pharmaceuticals and poetry when the customer arrives. Anya Schutzbach: I am delighted the cooperation with Dr. Braun and his mail-order pharmacy.

In my opinion we ApoVia the right audience – and who is ill at home, which pleased with certainly an encouraging book, it its funny and witty Travel poems also kidnapped in the world in which he just itself cannot travel”. “Dr. Wolfgang Braun: that cooperation was a passion and finally I can share my love of good books with our customers”. Excerpt from the storm of travel poems and Tang”: A dog was depressed, because he no longer ran, as the dog went to Vienna to a doctor. The doctor said Mr Freud, which yelped he his suffering. But doctor Freud said: look, you’re still a Bow Wow, and I’m sorry it no Tierapeut I am. The end of the song? The dog moved line, as you can see. (and fiercest critic of the psychoanalyst).

Else Marie Maletke and Christian Golusda, storm, and Tang weissbooks.w, Frankfurt am Main 2010 via ApoVia: ApoVia is one of the large mail-order pharmacies from Germany with location in Baden-Wurttemberg. The shipping trade was recorded in 2004 and since then steadily expanded. Since 2006, the dispatch is supported by an own website. Customers can medicines and pharmaceutical items in the Internet order, are up to 50 percent below the recommended price of the manufacturer. A staff of highly qualified staff takes care of the wishes and needs of customers and patients. State of the art technology allows the fast processing of orders that arrive usually in one or two days after receipt of the order with the customer. You can find the mail-order pharmacy on the Internet at via weissbooks.w: the publishing company weissbooks.w was founded in 2008 by Anya Schutzbach and Rainer Weiss. The former marketing chief and former program director of the Suhrkamp group are both Managing Director of Weissbooks GmbH. The writers of the Publisher include other Artur Becker, Barbara Bongartz, Paulinde de Bok, Stell, wide wood and Ariane Sommer. The weissbooks.w program includes fiction and narrative non-fiction. So far 27 titles have been published, in the framework of the programme for the autumn/winter 2010 are added until the end of year eight more. The website of the Publishing House can be found under

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