Purchasing Decision And Marketing

So what if no price is key in making a purchasing decision. Classic marketing convinces us that the key to successful positioning in the market for any enterprise is to win and retain customers through effective satisfaction of their needs. I remember an example where a one of the libraries were studies on the quality of reader service. On the first day all the librarians were given the setting – the issuance of books do not say hello first, not to mention the readers by name and not use the words "please". All readers coming marketing blitz conducted a survey as they like in a library. Obtained had a lot of different answers – one said that the lighting in the reading room was dim, someone said that the tables were uncomfortable and somewhat stiff chairs, some indignant that he did not have the required books, some not at all able to articulate their views, but notice that somehow they do not really like it. On the next day before the library staff was put quite the opposite problem – when communicating with readers need to say hello, to call him by name and giving out books ordered to say "please".

In this day in the survey library patrons were no indifferent or negative opinion. Everyone was talking about what a wonderful library, which is spacious and reading room, and excellent lighting, and comfortable furniture, and flowers. Highlighted courtesy of librarians who have worked quickly and professionally. Even the absence of some books people are treated with understanding – a good library, all of it comes naturally popular books that explore what is there to do, do not worry, come again.

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