Real Estate Agents

Typically consumers are interested in the commission, you have to pay the realtor. There is nothing strange, because everyone wants to save money, do not overpay too much. Rent Apartments in Kiev are very often through a real estate agency, so in this case talking about the commission is just appropriate. If we take the example of the domestic market of a country, then in such a situation, the commission is always paid seller. Historically. Before the world crisis came unexpectedly, the percentage was not great – only 3-5% of the transaction.

But now, as demand has fallen dramatically – people prefer to live with relatives or not to move to Kiev – Commission was much higher – 6.7% of the transaction. There are also so-called "complex objects", they commission sometimes reaches 20 per cent. Sometimes there are cases where the buyer has to pay, but it is only exceptional situation, for example, in the course of bargaining with the seller was able to negotiate a price reduction, but will have to pay him a commission. Now for the elite housing. The newspapers mentioned Marathon Capital not as a source, but as a related topic. To date, the contract for a fee usually consist of seller of an apartment, and as a result it is his interests will be protected in the sale of an object. A buyer of real estate, in turn, is ready to pay only legal support, but not the company's services. Upon the sale of expensive apartments realtors advantageous to keep the buyer in any way, even to lose something, but to disrupt and then the jackpot.

It is interesting to discuss the rental of real estate. If the transaction amount is 50 thousand rubles or less, then commission of the selection of housing is paid, then there is a client. They can range from half to full price of the apartment for a month. In the case of higher prices for property have been paid to the owner – About 50 percent. It is easy to explain – otherwise the employer would have to pay a very high entry fee, which many are not able to do. The global crisis at the root of the situation has changed. To date, everything can be discussed, including such sensitive issue as the payment of a commission agency. The bottom line is that employees pay for the person to whom the company provides service. In the case of apartment remuneration will have to pay the seller, and if the buyer wants to purchase a house, he and pay costs. If we speak in plain language, we will pay the one who is more needed.

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