Recommendation Marketing

5 star speaker Rene Robert Stejskal gives tips on acquiring new customers 89% of Germans trust according to a study on the recommendation of others, but hardly a medium-sized company strategically uses this fact to acquiring new customers. This is proved for a long time: strategic networking and referral marketing bring new business in a cost-effective way. An enormous potential! Rene Robert Stejskal, who exclusively, 5 star speakers as an expert for recommendation marketing is mediated by the consultant agency, has recognized this and shows word of mouth propaganda and networking, how easy it can, with these instruments to develop a strategy for acquiring new customers and successfully apply in his lectures, workshops, and seminars about referral marketing. “Since telephone cold calls is already prohibited and collecting infinitely many cards seem time-consuming and ineffective, should strategic referral marketing and networking used, recommended to regularly good through the own network business to get,”Stejskal, propaganda has collected comprehensive know-how in the areas of sales, selling, referral marketing, communication and Word of mouth for more than ten years, advises his customers. No matter what business you are, both service and industrial companies living, as spoken about a company and its products. Even if the product is so good, only if people know it, and positively, they will buy it. Mouth to mouth propaganda and referral marketing works, in this field you should leave nothing to chance! But how does it best? Contrary to widespread belief, not only (satisfied) customer or the press is a good recommender. So perhaps, when it comes to a book or a movie, for larger purchases especially in the B2B area – you should look but also for other referral sources and actively engage in referral marketing. You should crawl its network, advises expert Stejskal.

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