Recommendation Marketing

Recommendations for dentists – a hot iron mouth-to mouth is the cheapest way of advertising and credible one at that, because it is believed friends and acquaintances rather than advertising. “Do you know a place where you really can eat with guests here in the environment?” Have you ever heard such a question? And what answer you? “Yes, I can recommend the xy, there I was with my wife and it really tasty food friends, and…!” That’s right? So would you respond also? And you know also the following question: “do you know a good dentist here? I moved to new and found yet no dentist! “” Or as well: “what hurts at this tooth here, but my dentist says there is nothing!” Or even: “I talked to him on prophylaxis, but got nothing!” And how do you respond? This form of the word to mouth is called referral marketing. And it was about this topic on Wednesday at the 3rd session of the dentist-entrepreneur network Prechtl. 5 dentists were together despite the summer weather come to discuss the issue of referral marketing to the dentist. And the discussion was high.

How can you set it up, own patients recommend one? How can we talk on the subject at all with his patients? When? Who? To get to as a dentist there not as a supplicant before or as someone who would be urgently needed? It is clear that the patient is able to assess the dental service of the dentist in the very few cases. So what he do to recommend? Was actually just recorded in practice as he and dealt with him. Long waits? Without explanation? What is the waiting room? How is it advised? Have been left with the anamnesis sheet alone? The patient evaluates the practice staff, the practice organization and the quality of service. If everything is completely right, why should he then not recommend the practice? He has then yes every reason to do so! How to build a referral marketing in his practice organization, that is another issue. About procedures we will detail again … need to think about. What is certain is referral marketing at the dentist – this is a hot topic is dealing with us – and you – some time. Gudrun Pragel of the Dental Advisor – the prd Dental Management GmbH

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