Renate Schmidt

How have children and career you personally managed agree? Renate Schmidt: In which I a man who has held free back me. And what makes a woman, if she has not? Renate Schmidt: If you don’t have the one trying to organize well. But if you have children, there is most probably also a father of these children and you must make the, to recognize its responsibility is not only to be his man in the profession but also at home helping his father in the family. So, they require confident handling in terms of gender equality? Renate Schmidt: Yes, if you can’t make that at home, how to create it then in the profession? The State does not actually works against the professional woman? Keyword: childcare allowance, spouse splitting, unfavorable or to short opening hours in kindergartens Renate Schmidt: because I would now very differentiated. The levels of Government are certainly inconsistent. Yes the first equality report of the Federal Government showed that just as now the OECD study. On the one hand, assumed that there was still the earner marriage with maximum wealthy to wife and spouse splitting, childcare allowance and similar incentives.

On the other hand, the State assumes that a woman is materially independent and can provide so itself see, for example, alimony. It is missing so stringent policy see alimony, which is finally at, what we want today. And it must be stated simply, this model can be only the departure of the so-called earner marriage. Because we are talking not only of very high-earning people, but of average families. And for this, the earner marriage is simply material no longer possible; There must be even not particularly demanding. It must finally be a departure from this mission statement and are attempting material to treat families as it today actually want to live or need to.

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