Russian Market

Glazing of balconies and loggias is widely practiced in Moscow around since the early nineties. During this time, appeared and disappeared many different systems, glazing of balconies and .V the beginning there were several types of swing and, more rarely, sliding devices out of wood. Then began to produce glazing of aluminum, usually with sliding doors. Subsequently, in the glazing of balconies and loggias gained popularity "warm" window systems from pvc (with hinged doors), not directly in dispute with the "cold" of aluminum and wood, as are sufficient to solve various problems. At the present time, glazing systems made of wood, often not able to meet today's standards of quality, with its low cost. Palm in the field of "cold" type of glazing is now clearly belongs to the Spanish system Provedal, a profile for which no produces only "lazy" plant.

This system, which includes both sliding and deaf, and folding blocks, profiles for office partitions and doors, and various connecting structures, mosquito system, constipation, rollers, and other items that are suitable for virtually any problem associated with a glazed loggias or balconies and manufacture of office partitions. As is known, aluminum profiles can be painted with powder enamel in any color on a scale of ral. But it is usually sufficient increases the cost and timing of order execution. In our company, glazing system Provedal has at its disposal a rich range of standard colors. It is a white, gray, brown (RAL 8017), "Old Bronze – a dark golden shiny Ano, dying under a tree. The difference in price profiles of standard colors, is small. Therefore, it is often the color chosen on the basis of specific internal design office or apartment, or appearance of the building.

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