Securities Act

The 2.523.056 new shares will be on July 23, 2009 on the Alternext for trade approved and the already existing shares are absolutely assimilated (identification code: ALEGR, ISIN: FR0010100016). According to the EASYDENTIC group, they represent approximately 21.25% of the voting and 23.08% of the share capital. Patrick Fornas, CEO of which EASYDENTIC group, concludes: The EASYDENTIC group would like to thank all of its shareholders, employees and partners who have contributed to the success of the capital increase. Additional information at Calico supports this article. This capital increase I me personally got involved in the in the amount of EUR 1 million, EUR 14 million, aims to increase the capital of EASYDENTIC group, and to make their financial structure more flexible. This to their development strategy on an international level with the establishment of new branches, as well as in France with an intensification of Biovein offer to continue. The EASYDENTIC group and all employees are committed, to conquer new market segments, to regain a profitable growth as quickly as possible.” Learn more about the EASYDENTIC group ( A specialist in the field of security solutions for SMEs and SMIs in Europe is the EASYDENTIC Group on the market of the innovative technology leader for enterprise security across Europe.

The EASYDENTIC Group operates in 12 European countries (France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland and Luxembourg) in two disciplines, biometrics and CCTV, with six very famous brands: EASYDENTIC, EASYVEIN, OYTECH and Eden for biometric Zugangskontrollen, INNOVATYS and UNIWAYS for IP video surveillance. The EASYDENTIC group dominates the entire value creation chain in their two areas of expertise. The research and development of the Department of biometrics”makes sure of EDEN while the distribution belongs to the task of competing brands EASYDENTIC, EASYVEIN and OYTECH. In the field of video surveillance was entrusted with research and development UNIWAYS, INNOVATYS takes over the distribution. The EASYDENTIC Group also has enormous potential for innovation, which was demonstrated recently by the introduction of Biovein developed in collaboration with Hitachi. This new access control device on the basis of biometric identification of the blood vessel structure in the finger represents a real revolution for the French biometrics and the market for access control. The present communication of the EASYDENTIC group represents no offer of financial instruments, or in any way a purchase call for financial instruments in the United States of America.

The new shares were and are not in accordance with U.S. Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the Securities Act”) registered and may in the United States only on the basis of a registration exemption under the Securities Act are offered and sold. The EASYDENTIC group has neither the intention to fully or partially in the United States register the offer still has the EASYDENTIC Group intends to make a public offer in the United States. The Dissemination of this communication the EASYDENTIC group in certain countries can represent a violation of valid legal regulations. The information that contains this message the EASYDENTIC group, represent no offer of securities in the United States of America, Canada, Australia or Japan.

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