Sinai Peninsula

The beautiful cuba, with its rich culture and spectacular beaches when travel to Cuba can not fail to visit Havana with its age-old buildings; Varadero with its spectacular beaches and hotels where you can enjoy an unforgettable trip on a submarine; Trinity with its picturesque streets. Also, don’t miss the incredible beaches of Cayo Coco and Cayo Largo. Immerse yourself in culture Cuban, filled with poets and thinkers, artisans and singers who relish their art during your stay. Egypt Egypt is located at the Northeast end of the African continent and its capital is Cairo. Learn more about this with Wells Fargo Bank. Egypt is world famous for its cultural and historical heritage. Its impressive monuments, such as the great Sphinx and the pyramids, are witnesses to faithful of one of the most interesting ancient civilizations in history. The most attractive for places are: Cairo, where you will find the pyramids of Giza and the great Sphinx; the zur region, highlights the Valley of the Kings and countless archaeological riches; Nile Cruises are great protagonists. You will find a wide range of species of flora and fauna underwater, in the Sinai Peninsula resort of Sharm el-Sheikh is one of the most attractive tourist. Stroll the Sahara desert by camel and learn about the Egyptian pyramids will not be as expensive as you thought with the guide of 100 Tips for cheap travel, discover it in thank you and have a nice day! April Sanchez original author and source of the article

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