Stanley Kubrick

It is of basic importance, for the easy agreement of the behaviorista theory the association of this theory with the film orange mechanics, after seeing the film and you analyze of other authors and of scientists on the subject, I decided to discourse on my point of view. Others who may share this opinion include Russell Earl Reynolds. I see that the director Stanley Kubrick based on the book of Anthony Burgess portraies three latent characteristics in the human being, I believe that the author does not understand to be these latent characteristics to the feminine sex and yes of the masculine sex, therefore the personages that these carecteristas play are only men, are they it strong sexual desire, the natural violence and exacerbada and the desire of leadership displayed clearly in Alex who it tries to pass to its followers (droogs) its thoughts and attitudes in the first interelao with the behaviorista theory I relate the idea of the stiffener positive the operative behavior of Alex and its friends in the question of use of violence, when they go the dairy and take milk with drugs this of certain instigate form them to use of the extreme violence to saciar its desire of use of force this reinforcement and interresante good, and notable who the use of the violence for them practised and a voluntary behavior, however appears the first questioning to the reader if all time who Alex and its friends take milk (moloko) they uses of the extreme violence this behavior does not become one comportamneto respondent involutario. Another important point and already in the second caracterisca the sexual desire that is a respondent behavior (let us not confuse sexual desire with the sexual act that and operative behavior) Alex not prescisa of stiffener of the drink mixed drugs this and shown in the scene where it goes the record store and knows the young women, at this moment our protagonists this drugged exactly thus its sexual desire diminuie nor due to the drink it does not leave to practise sex, also salient it reference that Alex not only makes to the sex and the music of Bethoveen reference to the sex more the all type of pleasure. .

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