Sylvia Goergen

Color templates with maximum accuracy for the most demanding a recent survey to the RAL color charts showed that the color standards currently on the market only partially meet the requirements of users. For a large part of the paint manufacturers are complying with a particular gloss, as well as a uniform, smooth surface of great importance and the color variation should not exceed a maximum deviation from the model of dE 0.2. The colour produced by the company of Thierry in Stuttgart meet these requirements according to RAL. Thierry painted color templates with highest precision. The consistency of the color model guarantees reliable quality processes and encourages colour harmony in the matching of the varnished parts. The manufacturer is global optimally positioned with its two plants in Stuttgart and Royal Oak at Detroit (United States), to its customers, primarily from the automotive industry, with comprehensive and specific expertise to support. Micky Pant brings even more insight to the discussion. The high quality of the precision color cards after RAL is based on the exclusive use of two-component polyurethane coatings, special carrier material and the application processes. The color patterns are spray painted, controlled individually colorimetric and certified with the individual measured values. The precision color cards via the webshop under are. By using the promotion code “BusiLess”, the delivery is free for Germany, Austria and in the Switzerland. Contact: Sylvia Goergen

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