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The Company

Making with that some situations are analyzed in multiple ways, for some citizens, giving inevitably the situations of divergence of points of view. According to employee the company does not invest in professional qualification, what she generates discomfort and desmotivao sufficiently, making that with this behavior of the company, she generates certain conflict between company/employee, […]


Ways of the Innovation in the Management? The ways of the innovation in the management depend: of the focus in the research and the inquiry; focus in the participation and the negotiation; focus in the people and the work; focus in the education, the knowledge and the learning; focus in the proper process of innovation. […]

Marketing Propaganda

Through it the companies can keep cooperation of its intermediate, to make familiar its customers to the use of manufactured products, to create credibility image, to launch new products, to stimulate demand, to create mark loyalty, to emphasize characteristics of the products, among others intentions (WOOLS HOUSES, 1997). It is through the propaganda that the […]

South Marketing

The ones that does not make use of a research department have to contract the services of research justinian codes. (KOTLER; ARMSTRONG, 1999, P. 77). & ldquo; The marketing research, however, is not limited the great companies, with great budgets and departments of research of marketing.& rdquo;. (KOTLER and KELLER, 2007, P. 99). RESEARCH METHODOLOGY […]

PNQ Capital

Nor a great investment in technology is what it guarantees the success of a project of management of the knowledge, but yes the deep transformations of the processes, the people and the means of production. With this the company starts to explain the collaborator to observe the work of the other, the talentoso observer finishes […]

Brazilian Service

The author affirms that, a factor that will depend very and on the Brazilians, if to demystify, is the cultural paradigm in addition of not valuation of men and success women, that have constructed this country and generated wealth, which is great entrepreneurs and, many times are not recognized. They are seen only as luck […]


– Tips for the Facebook 6 Encontre the people who are part of its niche of market. An easy way to make this is typing in the bar of research of facebook the word-key of its niche of market, later, you can clicar in the button ' ' Pessoas' ' to find its customers potential. […]

Virtual Marketing

Marketing actions in the Internet already are reality, and the trend is to increase each time more. In the seventh, and last one, at least for the time being, article of the series Personal Marketing the subject is ' ' Great Rede' '. You already heard to speak of Marshall McLuhan? This Canadian thinker divulged […]

Finished Product Market

As base in this concept, we will see which are the agents who are part of this structure of the canals of distribution of Continental the Tires in such a way in the domestic market as in the external one. InternoOs market primary canals: the first one is the plant, where it is produced and […]

Total Quality Control

14) According to GOLDBARG (1995. P. 25), ' ' the Quality of Life pressures in direction to the motivacionais and human factors, as well as the o development of partnerships. This face of the quality concept standes out the social contribution ecolgica.' ' For BALLESTERO-ALVAREZ (2001), It is necessary that if it institutes a system […]