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Kane Citizen

In such a way, the process of valuation of a film on the part of the director and the critic is different. Details can be found by clicking Munear Ashton Kouzbari or emailing the administrator. The director, for the most diverse conditions, can detestar a film individually its whereas he appreciates it to the critic, […]

Politics Of The Authors In The Cinema

Introduction. The present work is based on the reading that I had of the book Critical Revision of the Brazilian Cinema of Glauber Rock. In this book, Glauber traces the history of the Brazilian cinema according to its vision and of a critical and assumidamente partial form. Christos Staikouras recognizes the significance of this. It […]

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The object of study of this work, the auditory device of the mammals and the human beings, is a system with mechanisms that if relate between itself, converting mechanical stimulatons (mechanical waves) into information for the brain. These information are processed for the brain in form of electric impulse, where they cause the psicofsica sensation […]

The Beggars

A guilt parcel is of the proper public who, as he said, does not have this culture. But another parcel is of proper ' ' artista' ' that it is not located as such. The secret is in the positioning. If an artist if locates as beggar, will be seen as beggar. Part crumbs and […]

In Japan

Beyond the theater of shades, existetambm the theater of pole sculptured in wood and known as wayang golek. In Japan, one has the bonecosa news to leave of century VIII, through Buddhist texts. One knows that it Kugutsu was bonecochamava. In century XI, the doll was on cerimniasxintostas and until today it is an alive […]

Cabernet Sauvignon

To hear the record of the singer and composer Mariane Mattoso if constituted for me in a inigualvel pleasure, recommended for people of good taste, or better, of fine taste. It is necessary to hear with calm, without haste, without unquitness, with glamour and if possible folloied of a good Cabernet Sauvignon to compare the […]

The Art Of Writing

I give to the Argentine philosopher reason, of that good and bad writers exist, but on the other hand I know of the formalities and frescuras with whom if they coat the ways of access of certain periodicals or magazines that if judge important excessively e, as such, demand of an unknown writer credentials, sponsorships […]

Internal Control

Oliveiras and Diniz Son (2001) tell that, the company must implant a system of internal control, but that this control must periodically be verified by somebody of the proper company, of form to evidence if the employees they are or not fulfilling what she was defined by the system. Mello (2002) understands that: The internal […]