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Huber Skin

De John is currently most fashionable lifting beyond cosmetic surgery and lifting guaranteed even without its side-effects, for it but extremely effective. New high-tech cosmetic company John de develops products that penetrate to the third layer of the skin. The problem of master cosmetics relating to anti-aging is that the active ingredients do not reach […]

Marketing Management

Without any doubt, one of the key links in the success of CARLiN sales direct and support to its franchisees, through solid and professional structure which has its Marketing Department. From there the Ensign offers its members a sale service by phone that helps them, on the one hand to purify databases and other sell […]

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Stretch Marks

What are stretch marks? Cosmetologists, by the way, use more correct term 'stretch marks'. In fact, it's a scar. Medically speaking, this displacement of epithelial cells (the cells of the surface layers of skin) on connective tissue, ie scar. As well as from the scars completely get rid of stretch marks is almost impossible, alas. […]

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