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The Modern Farmer

The demand for energy from renewable resources is as large as ever. For agriculture opens the way with the intensive cultivation of renewable raw materials to make a contribution to cover the increasing energy needs, create jobs in rural areas and to reduce the greenhouse effect. Whether for producing fuel, the heat or electricity that […]

Climate Protection Action With Super Mrs Merkel And Campact – To Rescue The World

Campact, WWF, climate Alliance and Forum are environmental and Development next Wednesday before the Federal Chancellery / protest mails to Chancellor Merkel Berlin, 09.12.2008 – Thursday and Friday German Chancellor Merkel would like to adopt a climate change package with their EU counterparts in Brussels, that doesn’t deserve its name. Climate protection instruments such as […]

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Ulrich Karlowski

At the current pace of the last is on Borneo and Sumatra in 2012″tree in the lowland rain forest like it. RSPO-certified under industry dictates – AB nodded by the WWF of the world’s growing criticism of the little carbon balance of the Plamolproduktion should be met with the RSPO-certified. Ironically Jan Kees Vis, Manager […]

Current Prices

Up to 189 euros annual additional costs for affected consumers Berlin, November 21, 2008 the electricity prices to climb on a broad front a new all-time high against. Million consumers in Germany have to pay record prices for their electricity purchases from January 2009. According to a recent market analysis of the independent consumer portal […]

District Hospital

The power of large buildings such as hospitals, municipal facilities, hotels and schools is very challenging because of its complexity. Operators of large buildings that can not even afford planning and control of their energy supply, or want to have the possibility to entrust this to a contracting company for specialized. With energy savings contracting, […]

Ecological Present

Ecologically, stand from the Green Line by LA CONCEPT is the green screen present the environmental display system, with an eco-friendly presentation and a functional banner stand together with the green screen. By sustainably harvested raw material, the banner stand not only by the elegant wood finish can convince bamboo, but also 100% environmentally friendly. […]

Wood Chips Are Least Costly Alternative And Neutral In The CO2 Balance

Monarchis plans carbon-neutral wood chips heating in Lohfelden Neu-Ulm, February 20, 2009 the Monarchis company of Grundbesitz mbH headquartered in Neu-Ulm has as real estate trading company around 600 residential units in stock real estate in whole Germany. The dynamic company acquires also restoration – and need of renovation objects that are upgraded from energetic […]

Artur Deger

Up to 60 square meters that achieves a module surface system between 6,000 and 10,000 WP performance is up to 45 percent more energy efficiency than with rigid systems can be achieved. The model is one of the first systems of the Swabian manufacturer, which are available on the US market. Its size and efficiency […]

First Perpetuum Mobile Of The World In The Deutsches Museum

After first presentation, exhibition at the Deutsches Museum provided as occasions reported the first art of the world’s first perpetual functions intended to him for over five weeks now (please refer to video). As is still completely unclear where the present energy actually comes with the inventor to emphasis that you absolutely should stay back […]

German Environmental

Thomas Erren were evaluated 30 studies from around the world on the topic of shift work and cancer. You have come to the conclusion: female flight personnel a 70 percent higher risk of breast cancer. Their male counterparts get 40 percent more prostate cancer.” Also in shift workers and nursing staff in hospitals and homes, […]