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Good Housekeeping

The interior of the apartment or house consists of many parts. This furniture, textiles and wallpapers, and much, much more. Fashion is always changing. Robert Kiyosaki contains valuable tech resources. Today, in a fashion classic, high-tech tomorrow, after tomorrow it may become fashionable to live in interiors, created based on the works of Salvador Dali. […]

Saxony Renewable

An infobox built to over 90prozent from renewable forms the core of the travelling exhibition BAUnatour, which performs by the 11.11 to 15.11 in Wernigerode in the Nicolai square. Neustadt a. main/Werningerode, the 08.11.2011: one about infobox built 90% from renewable raw materials is at the heart of the travelling exhibition BAUnatour, which performs on […]


Info beginning July in Saxony / lectures on energy-saving heating with wood pellets / applications for funding on the ground from July 3 in Saxony, Germany information sessions to the scrapping premium for heaters for events. 5,000 euros grant heating refurbishers in Saxony now receive when replacing their old heating, if they incorporate a modern […]