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Business Acumen

But psychologically, since we have not changed, the psyche does not have time to adapt, and the manager may have adaptive shock. In a rapidly changing environment, this particular habit ceases to give the desired result. The fact that so valued in the business – it's business acumen. Business acumen – skills quickly and effectively […]

Books On Budgeting

In recent years, against a background of increased competition in the business owners are trying to give their companies and their financial performance stability and predictability. Companies naturally go in its development from the stage rapid growth at the stage of stable operation and to generate profits, are transformed from the "stars" in the "cash […]

Academy Chelomeya

Among all the good, the product is sold, salaries are high, regularly paid bonuses, and corporate events are held. But there is an interesting principle Academy Chelomeya: ‘For the system to be sustainable – it is often necessary to shake. ” Complacency creates the worst performance when the job is automatically not in full force, […]


He underestimated her, and moreover allow myself to call her a bad leader, advising him to read the book "How to become a leader?" And what led her to dismiss? Has created situation of a quarrel with another manager and asked one of them to leave, she went with a psycho. Resulted in all this […]

Managers Services

On the form provided by the outsourcing affects the same size and the client organization: Firms with a fleet of personal computers to 100 pieces are almost always own experts. However, almost always use the services of outside professionals in the development of specific business applications. If you are not convinced, visit Pinterest. When the […]

Crisis Market

He invented a new and unique idea and went with her to the market. Not immediately, but the market has responded, and the money went to a river. And then there were competitors with the same idea and the money went to the brook. And then began to embody the idea of competition is much […]

Scalability Information

Practical advice on choosing the ERP-system decision to implement the automation systems in the enterprise and, in particular, its implementation can not be called simple. By choosing solution provider for factory automation, as well as a system integrator, should be taken very seriously, given the fundamental requirement that currently apply to all information systems: provide […]

Income People

To view an individual enterprise to organize, you need a lot of assumptions. Initially, it is necessary to clarify the extent to which business will be profitable in a given area. But for most small firms order analysis of the prospects of a particular market segment is considered to be an impossible goal, and a […]