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Fund Financial Invites

Trade fair for brokers, multiple agents, bankers, home savings representatives and financial institutions in the M, O, C, Munich the Fund financial broker GmbH held on Tuesday, March 13, 2012, the 6th Munich brokers and multiple agent fair (MMM-).The organizer of the trade fair anticipates in the M, O, C, Munich with 170 exhibitors and […]


Since the beginning of the Libya crisis the volatility of energy prices has increased generally strong since January severe price turbulence. Temporarily during crude oil of Brent in the spot market as a result of production losses $120 / barrel reached, assured the country seigende crude oil production Saudi Arabia now to increase 700,000 barrels […]

Leading Commerzbank: Made In Germany

German quality Bank – Commerzbank of Germany Commerzbank is in the ranking of the largest German banks on place two. So, this prestigious financial institution is a major bank who may forward due to their diversified portfolios, and also due to their service in the area of private as well as corporate clients about an […]

Incorrect Rating Information

Claims for damages due to incorrect rating information had to deal with, to what extent a false rating specification affects to the investment decision and therefore to a possible claim for damages in a case from may 2012 with the question the Hanseatic Higher Regional Court in Hamburg. The investment advisor made the proposal to […]

Factoring – Prejudice And Recommendations

Entrepreneurs should at an early stage the financing alternative factoring check “When a company must sell its receivables, then it is but just before the bust”. You will find this prejudice still. For the customers of the FBW but this is not true, because they have a satisfactory credit history, what we attach special importance. […]

Mitsui Holdings

If the credit lines will be again available Mitsui holdings, the financial company based in Asia, says that the Verfugrbarkeit of the financing for businesses remains still limited hard direction, despite the injection of billions of dollars in liquidity in the credit markets. Has a comment at a meeting of business credit, a spokeswoman of […]