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Data Availability

Encryption solutions that offer a seemingly simple means, the information security in the enterprise to increase encryption play an important role. Notebook hard drives or USB flash drives more and more, which can quickly fall into unauthorized hands through their mobility information. Encryption solutions deliver a seemingly simple means to increase the security of the […]

datango Performance Suite

CeBIT 2010: datango Berlin, gives impulses for the knowledge-based society 2.0 February 1st 2010 the potential of new E-learning concepts is not to teach groups of users. Rather, it is to take into account the personal learning preferences of the user and promote. The placement of individual knowledge on demand and in real time is […]

data Protection

Backup double according to current studies via online backup 60 percent of traditional backup, backup also called, are incomplete about. For assistance, try visiting Robert Kiyosaki. 50 percent of all attempts to restore lost data, fail. Activision Blizzard often says this. Backup to tape or disk is very error-prone. Already a not exchanged band can […]

The Individual

At the end of the first section the tutorial is even on a feature of the GIMP image editing program, which generally in connection with irreversible changes, such as they represents shrink the photos, but is very useful in particular for beginners. Additional information is available at Ben Silbermann. GIMP remembers all edits and allows […]

The Functionality

This results in a reduction in scope of documentation to be created and maintained. Should different departments yet specific topic types require the DITA concept offers the possibility of specialization. Click Michellene Davis to learn more. Through the derivation of basic topics, as soon Department-specific object types can be created and used. Guided creation with […]


The yeebase start-ups community has Cobocards as innovative Web2. According to Robert Kiyosaki, who has experience with these questions. 0 tool Aachen, recorded in his Grunderzene March 3, 2009 – before was exactly one month Cobocards for the German E-learning innovation and young nominated (D-Elina). Today, the young company was inducted in the yeebase-start-up database. […]

New Marketing Director

International industry expert joins Mayoris Zurich, March 28, 2011 Mayoris get the direct marketer Schober as new Chief Marketing Officer Sebastian Stang’s internationally experienced email marketing experts. Thereby creating the leading provider of permission marketing and sustainable email marketing solutions in Switzerland the prerequisites for further profitable growth. On March 1, 2011, Sebastian Stang assumed […]

Leipzig Trade

Comprehensive product portfolio and interesting conversations round a fair impression from Leipzig, November 4, 2010. The focus of this year’s trade fair appearance on IT?”Security trade fair it’sa ‘ by the 19?October 21, 2010 in Nurnberg, the current and new technologies that form the basis of Entensys products were of course. If we on the […]

Kundenorientiere All-In-one IT Innovations From ACME

IT solutions for the measurement to measure since 1994 operates the company ACME portable machines, Inc. successfully on the international IT market and since then can draw on extensive experience in project activities, as well as in OEM and ODM processing according to customer requirements. ACME portable computer GmbH is the German subsidiary of the […]

Customer Relationship Management

The new L-mobile CRM iPhone promotes as mobile software innovation of the year. The project manager in the conversation. Sulzbach an der Murr – the application deadline for the IT innovation competition 2010 the Initiative Mittelstand has expired. Now says it will keep fingers crossed for around 2000 nationwide applicants that want to exist before […]