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Many new features of the software and the implementation of all common ticket interfaces make this possible. Myrmex 1 proven for years in the usage of SV Service Center. Through the extensive authority and responsibility system the new Myrmex 2 in all areas of the service desk then around the clock can be used for […]

Dementia Week

Remscheid company sells positioning systems for Aubrey before a few weeks in the Allee-Center Remscheid the introductory exhibition to the Bergischen dementia week took place. The city administrations of the city triangle Remscheid – Solingen – Wuppertal had chosen September 21 for this inaugural event at the World Alzheimer’s day takes place every year. Bergische […]

VEDA-outsourcing Is Growing

Medium-sized businesses will benefit from flexible service depth Alsdorf / Aachen. January 2012. The VEDA GmbH, Member of the competence of the BVMW, IT continues to post strong growth in the area of HR outsourcing in 2011. The entire business area grew by 26%, in the full service providing for payroll VEDA can boast even […]

Editorial Contacts

Our customers prefer the PDF format to TIFF because it is full-text enabled and reproduces scanned documents or documents faithfully with all color information”, explains Martin Greiwe, therefore we have started very early Managing Director of Ratiodata GmbH. support the LurTech software so that, to convert scanned documents to PDF. Immediately after the ISO PDF […]

The Functionality

This results in a reduction in scope of documentation to be created and maintained. Should different departments yet specific topic types require the DITA concept offers the possibility of specialization. Through the derivation of basic topics, as soon Department-specific object types can be created and used. Guided creation with the Noxum publishing Studio for the […]

Hasso Plattner Ventures

Today it is increasingly difficult to keep up with the rapid changes in the IT field step. For even more opinions, read materials from Apple . With the dps’, we offer instruments tailored to the needs of the user, that practical supports him and thus significantly contributes to the simplified use of the systems. Regardless […]

Sonja Bunthe StayGuest

Additional press materials of this press release: you can download quickly and easily another image and text material for free use in the online press compartment: press compartments/StayGuest contact for questions regarding this press release: Sonja Bunthe StayGuest c/o ODS – Office data service GmbH honor mountain str. 16 A D-10245 Berlin phone: + 49 […]

Kristina Soll Globell

Filtering and inspection of files at the policy level can be configured with these. The intelligent SMART filter technology (suspicious mail attachment removal technology”) scans, for example, the header of the file to detect which file format it is indeed sample suppliers the. Deception, such as renamed file extensions (.doc,. exe, .dll, .pdf, etc.), does […]


The workflow component was adjusted so that it meets the specific requirements of the company on a multi-tiered approval process: all project-related bills are due to the complexity and altitude of amount of even orders by the project leader and the purchasing agent after the four-eyes principle checked. More approvals an invoice exceeds a certain […]

Markus Roth

Another 25% are in the first project or this plan. Only for 40%, SOA has currently no meaning. It is remarkable that the topic of SOA is seen very critically. “SOA in the expert review will inter alia as a buzzword” and insubstantial marketing term “put to death. Managers are required to develop a clear […]