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Brazilian Rivera

The province received the name official from Eastern Republic of Uruguay, after promulgated the constitution, in 1830, having been elect president Don Fructuoso Rivera, rival of don Juan Antonio Lavalleja, of where the political parties had appeared Blanco, of Lavalleja, and Colorado, of Rivera, whose rivalry would respingaria later in the War of Tatters, in […]

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Mayan Long Count

At the end of the 20-day cycle continues through rooms days (until it reaches 13), and the period starts anew again comes Imish. There are several hypotheses trying to explain why the Mayan Tzolkin chosen for a period of 260 days. Some are inclined to the hypothesis that this period coincides with the time of […]

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Societal Standards

You are welcome the individual will be valid to coexist and to adapt itself in the school, to conclude stages with normalities in the considered courses is fit in a social group and to be always passing for the applications of the laws to have spaces guaranteed in companies for example. It will be that […]

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Brazil Citizenship

Of the historical point of view, the citizenship concept has origin in classic Greece, being used then to assign the relative rights to the citizen, that is, the individual that lived there in the city and actively participated of the businesses and the decisions politics. Citizenship, estimated, therefore, all the decurrent implications of a life […]

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