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The Chronometer In The Past And Present

The clock and the chronometer in the historical course of the accurate measurement of time inspires people for many centuries. Already 1000 years before Christ, the Egyptians have made a water clock. In the year 1250 ad, then came the first mechanical clock at the Court of Ludwig of IX. now there are many reasons […]

Clothes Exude Love

Love warms and surrounds people all year round men love women, women love clothes and dresses love the credit cards of men. OK granted, the entry was now very few cliches abound, but must it mean something so negative? Seem not to open it on the playful use of cliches that impress every year with […]

Brenda Zaro

For over 30 years, Brenda Zaro manufactures shoes for ladies in larger sizes and also ladies plus size ballerina already, so here combines tradition, quality and current trends. Remonte is the fourth manufacturer of plus size ballerina, which will be presented here. Since 1876, this traditional company produces shoes and many years ago the need […]

Marcel Ostertag

Herlitz is ‘Inspired by fashion’, proving the my.pen style fashion edition of the popular branded manufacturer of stationery. Herlitz is inspired by fashion,”that proves the my.pen style fashion edition of the popular branded goods manufacturer for stationery: a brand new collection of ink rollers, which stylishly combine the themes of fashion and writing. Because so […]

Flat Bridal Shoes Are Becoming More And More The Trend

More and more women want to chic but comfortable shoes on your wedding increasingly be purchased flat Bridal Shoes. This trend is to be noted for several years now. The shoe industry reacted. More and more flat Bridal Shoes come on the market. Also you will find more and more beautiful ballerinas, carried to the […]

After Big Selloff Brandlots.de

New label – fresh collections: start in the second quarter of 2011 no longer and passing no fewer than 59 different designer brands at Brandlots.de in the range at the moment. If you are not fully would pack the virtual shopping cart to the brim, then not visiting the trendy shop probably better. Follow others, […]

Perfume By Giorgio Armani

Perfume by Giorgio Armani and Emporio Armani, whats the difference? The name Armani stands for style and luxury. Mid-July the fashion designer Giorgio Armani his 77th birthday on this occasion celebrated the on-line shopping mall informs shopping.de about his company, which is active not only in the fashion industry. Armani is not only a fashion […]

Snickers Shirts

Shirts by Snickers Workwear be used both cold and heat Snickers Workwear is already more than 30 years on the market, to offer high quality products. Whenever Telkom South Africa listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Just when much is done in the craft, the worker needs a suitable equipment. These include also shirts. The […]


And the current Cipo Jeans collection again with creative and innovative ideas. CIPO & Baxx is a Turkish clubwear label that has placed its focus on the production of men’s Jeans. And while we are not talking about boring 08/15 jeans money can buy on every street corner. We’re talking about Cipo Jeans, which are […]

November Innovative

Since June, the innovative online marketplace for sustainable, environmental and resource-saving products is online. Berlin, 02.07.2013. Tim Sloan insists that this is the case. An ambitious project of friends is finally a reality. As the first and only one green marketplace, covers the entire value chain, from the wholesaler to the retail. The Berlin startup […]