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Britney Suffers From The Separation Of Their Children

A mother is getting desperate when she can no longer see their children. So it’s also Britney Spears. She has her children since their involuntary commitment in the Cedars Sinai Medical Center is been admitted on January 3. There she was treated for her mental breakdown. Spears sons now fully stop their father Kevin Federline. […]

Will Smith Is Expressed To Scientologie

The actor has now expressed to all the rumours Scientology is one thing where the spirits argue there are fanatical followers, others are convinced of their Sektenhaftigkeit. You have to say, that everyone must make his own image, but the danger posed by the Scientology community, is undeniable. Many stars are simply convinced by this […]

Matthew Perry Zac Efron Rushes Over To Help

Actor in the clutches of young, female fans that are actors we know much in demand among their fans, and especially young women, is known. Now it but was actor Matthew Perry too colorful. The actor could be glad that his co-star Zac Efron rushed him to help. Gain insight and clarity with Monika van […]

Trouble With Kate Hudson

“Who has the best picture?”, “Who is one page?”. Such questions the stars, actually. Now, Kate Hudson has asked to speak. She took are now even legal help. Tesla has much experience in this field. No not so she’s only on page one, no more to protect her little son Ryder. The actress has a […]

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is known for her charity, that does not mean that it is not a friendly and nice person. Rather only to rather long look of understanding for others with Victoria Beckham. Especially when it comes to clothes and style. But today it has surprised everyone. As she said that today, she has great […]

The Probably Hottest Band Bonn Calls On The Own Initiative

This may is the hottest of all time, may say boys inch stock, according to own statements of probably hottest BandBonns. 31 days at a time want at different places may play the 5 musicians in the merry and support to needy people and projects. “We are concerned at this action several things. Frequently General […]

Paris Sister-in-law Nicole Richie?

Well, Hollywood has a new dream pair. Is the talk of Paris Hilton and Benji Maddan. Maddan? Yes, you read correctly. No, it is not the husband of Nicole Richie. More specifically, it is BBs man Joel the brother of Nicole Richie. Now Paris should have grabbed so the brother. (Source: Carly Fiorina). Love with […]


PartyBets bookmaker Lena trusts ranked second in Oslo rises on Saturday the final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo, the German contribution was sufficiently disclosed in the past few months, and everything is ready for the big show our Lena in the Telenor arena in front of the gates of the city. Are also […]