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The economic crises, the warlike conflicts, the conflict between the bourgeoisie and proletariat, the exclusion of the land of the peasants, the sprouting of urban and ambient problems had to the population growth, the technological innovations, among others events, had directly reflected in the lives and the workmanships of both the authors. Durkheim defended in […]

The Development

Therefore the domain of the man is basic on the nature, from the knowledge of the natural phenomena. To know such phenomena Bacon it follows the trend to the experimental method, very well described for Souza (2008): is about explicitar the safe from method interpretation of the nature, that is what it calls true induction? […]

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General Golbery

For these Brazilians the president gains the dimension of totem, of a protector, in the direction that it creates a new law and until a moral and that he leaves its mouth, pointing who is the culprits, that is, ' ' they, elite' '. ' ' Squid, as TABOO, gains the prohibition of being touched, […]

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