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Labor Market Trends

The holiday season left its mark on the performance of job boards. The number of vacancies has decreased by an average of 5%, the number of resume – 1%. Jobs in Kharkov whole, the job of Kharkov pyatiprontnoe showed a decline. In July compared to June increased demand for accountants and economists (11%). However, noticeably […]

Ukrainian Labor Market Trends

Analyzing the labor market of the past in 2010, I can identify a few positive trends, which, in my opinion, will be carried over to 2011. The first – ending the massive staff cuts. In 2009, companies were a state of shock and trying at all costs to survive the crisis, which, in the first […]

Site Applicant

And keep the promise. Applicants themselves have to see that interest in certain jobs should be taken immediately (characters such as "Hot Jobs", "urgent", swim in windows, etc.) 21. Do not forget that potential employees can be and prospective clients. And vice versa. 22. Special attention – graduates of high schools. As soon as he […]