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Travel Customer

This conclusion leads to the following question: how come the customer of this important expertise if he is online informed prior to departure, the expertise is not publicly available but in many places for the customer? The most important question in the survey asked about the willingness of the travel agencies, online publicly available to […]

American Dream

The American dream offers the fastest route to America living in the United States benefits in many ways. In addition to a good economy, the unemployment rate is relatively low and the life maintenance costs are lower than in Europe, which attracted especially entrepreneur. But also United States lovers who want to study or work, […]

Il Locandiere, Sardinia: Friendly Guesthouse At Cagliari

Il Locandiere guesthouse in the South East of Sardinia and in their host family Banci experience Sardinian hospitality in harmony with the nature. All rooms have a private entrance, which is accessible through the garden. Each room is comfortably equipped: bathroom, air conditioning, heating, TV, fridge. Parking for cars and motorbikes. Way to the kitchen […]

Cabana Club: Backpacker Romance Meets Club Holiday

“Cabana Club – backpacker romance and hammocks feeling also ideal for single travellers new holiday concept called Cabana Club” goes into operation in September 2009 with the Preopening weeks in Ibiza. Cabana Club promises backpacker and hammocks feeling”of the new tour operator founded in March 2009. In the summer of 2010, Cabana Club is already […]

Cape Otway

every visitor will immediately get that this city for water sports such as surfing and Kitn may refer. Every company (Billabong, Quiksilver, Rip Curl, etc.) begin connecting with this sport, has a larger branch in this little place. At the Bell, you can watch surfers of world class Beach and Jan beach. 3rd stage: Torquay […]

Discrete Rooms

Stress-free, without leaving a trace for 8 years the media reported cheating alibi professional, the Agency for the prevention of damage by watertight alibis. But the alibi alone is not always enough. The meeting point plays, in addition to the created space for couples often also play a key role. Hotels and guest houses have […]

Convertible Cars

No luxury car, but a small Convertible car with plenty of storage space is the dream car of the Germans for the holiday. Munich, September 21, 2009 (w & p) no luxury car, but a small Convertible car with plenty of storage space is the dream car of the Germans for the holiday. This has […]

The Basics Of Flight Passengers

What are aviation terms mean today a modicum of knowledge of English is virtually indispensable. Especially at the airport and on the plane travellers experience how difficult it is to follow the instructions in the foreign language. The Germans have long internalized notions such as counter, departure and security check, so many with the meaning […]

Food Above The Clouds

Extra wishes usually in addition cost for years the airlines economy class tighten the belt. This applies especially to the low-cost airlines inflight catering. If anything, the stewardesses served a sandwich and a small soft drink. At the same time, awards for various airlines testifies to increased quality of the food on board. The online […]

Holiday In Val Gardena: From Now Through Online Booking.

Enjoy early summer in Val Gardena! Val Gardena offers a wide variety of activities for the early-summer, for active and also for recreation-seekers guests. In the wake of ever newer requirements on the part of the guest and member enterprises, Val Gardena-Groden marketing in cooperation with the National Association of tourism organizations (LTS) has developed […]