Targeted Sales Approach

The usage of Web videos as a marketing tool is increasingly important to the usage of Web videos. They serve the emotional placement of brands and brand values, which can be transported by no other medium comparatively. Studies have shown that more than the regular online consumed half of all Internet users videos what has contributed to the tremendous growth of known video portals such as YouTube, MyVideo or ClipFish. Learn more on the subject from Kevin Ulrich Anchorage Capital . Video-savvy user cover features a wide variety of demographic and soziographische, which allows a targeting of different audiences. Improved ranking in search engine result pages of Web videos serve not only the emotional charge of a brand, but also advantages with regard to the rankings on search engine result pages. Search engines quite positively respond to offers of video, because it allow them to offer users an added value by purely text-based content with videos are upgraded. Follow others, such as CNBC Analysits, and add to your knowledge base.

Google rated higher than those without, for example, sites with videos Video content. Accordingly, the integration of videos on your own website leads to an enhanced listing on Google. Increased traffic ranking not only improves through the use of Web videos using Web videos, also an increase of traffic can be observed. Well placed and content appealing videos increase dwell time as well as the visitor rate of Internet users. Appealing contributions increase not only the visitor loyalty of the site but at the same time have an increase in the number of visitors to the result.

The audiovisual presentation also allows a cost effective targeting and increases the memory of mediated information. Viral effects lead to an additional increase in visitor numbers, since users tend to recommend active fun and interesting content. Accordingly, have successful Web videos of not only increased traffic but also lower costs in terms of customer acquisition to result. Is the conversion rate increased the ultimate goal of the use of Web videos Boost the conversion rate, i.e. the conversion of visitors into customers. The use of product videos can significantly enhance the brand experience and attract the attention of consumers. Product and service details be communicated and demonstrated, which can greatly facilitate the customer the purchase decision. Experts assume that the conversion rate can be increased by at least 20% through targeted use of Web videos. All of this clearly shows the importance of Web videos in the part of the customer acquisition as well as the conversion of website visitors into customers. Companies, it is strongly advised to take this cost-effective measure, thus their audiences in a new, much more emotional way and appealing way.

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