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Very difficult question, which confronts the designers, as well as you need to lay optic cable lines, fiber optic choose a single-mode or multimode, which optical equipment and optical adapters should I use? Does it make sense to use to build data centers in the pre-terminated optical assemblies? We detail the design issues of optical cable lines in the data center the requirements of standards and growth prospects of the data center. How to set telecommunication cabinets in the data center, which imposed requirements for telecommunications cabinets in data centers that need to take into account in setting the assembly constructs in a data center? Proper alignment issues reschenie telecommunication cabinets is very important and crucial in building a data center, so the workshop, we will discuss it in detail. + Guide 'Design and SCS systems in the data center conduit + participants will receive a unique author's guide' Design and SCS system conduits in the data center. " With this guide you can after the seminar complete the project and SCS system conduits in the data center. Testimonials about workshops Vladimir Chikarin, arche, Omsk, 'Thank you so much for the seminar. All very cleverly chewed. The online seminars are convenient because we have similar events in the Omsk rarity.

A trip on the same Novosibirsk takes time and extra costs. And then straight on the job 🙂 'Igor Kireev, Invest-Project, Moscow: "He participated in your workshop. It is very necessary work! Especially liked business approach to the coverage of the material, the ability to ask questions during the seminar, and most importantly get them satisfactory answers. "Apokin Anna, LLC Microinform, Minsk, Belarus:" It is like the workshop! Especially pleased that this is my first experience in this kind of seminar. al information. I consider it important to talk about "simple truths" that are not written in clever books, and, unfortunately, comes only with experience in practice. "Elena Petrova, Telros Telecom, St.

Petersburg: "The workshop left a good impression. The obvious things that a designer needs to know and to the seminar, have been placed in "shelf" and available in detail. In addition, the seminar itself and the way it was filing very comfortable and interesting. Thank you! 'Knowledge – is not just power, is what allows the firm to outperform its competitors, Organizational issues * Start date – August 18, at 12-00 * Duration of training – 3 hours * The cost of the training course, including management, 6,000 rubles Links * Instructions on connecting to the Internet workshop can be found here * The information about the data center is located at this site required technical tools: * Internet access – 256 kbit / sec headphones or speakers

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