The Adjacent

In fact, if you ring up your competitors and ask whether you can raise the price, I think that all you can say. Next question, but who will buy me this for this price. The answer to this question will serve the adjacent errors, which are described in this article. According to statistics, the price is the deciding factor for 10% of clients, and this is the worst for you to customers who do not buy anything, but you drink all the blood. The second important point, if you're trying to check out the competition on price – there is always someone who will sell the same, but cheaper! 6. No streamlined system of sales to existing customers Statistically attract a new customer costs the company 6 times more expensive than selling to existing.

Big mistake that almost all of the company – is the lack of account management processes – Work with existing customers. This is a base that you already have bought and if they like your service, have enough confidence in you to buy more. I think few of you know how much per year brings you your the average customer, ie, how many times he buys you a year service and in what amount. 7. You do not have a USP Each year there is hundreds of travel companies and the same is closed during the first year of its existence. To know more about this subject visit Jeremy Tucker. If you pay attention to the means through which you advertise, then they will be in addition to your proposal at least 10 of the same.

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