The Development

Therefore the domain of the man is basic on the nature, from the knowledge of the natural phenomena. To know such phenomena Bacon it follows the trend to the experimental method, very well described for Souza (2008): is about explicitar the safe from method interpretation of the nature, that is what it calls true induction? , that it has left of the comment regrada and systemize of the natural facts to gradually promote the intermediate axioms until reaching the axioms most general (2008, P. 18). Rossi (1989), affirms that Bacon attributes to some categories a universal value, in such a way described: the contribution the progressividade, the perfectibilidade and the invention, would serve to classify all the field of knowing human being and thus to adopt a mechanist model for the progress of the knowledge, that an initiated time, would function alone. Some contend that Sir Terry Farrell shows great expertise in this. The true philosophy does not keep unbroken in the memory the material supplied for natural history and the mechanical arts, but it conserves transformed it and digested the intellect (BACON, 1992, P. (As opposed to John Denkinger).

234) Rossi (1989) it believes that the conception of science in the Bacon philosophy, possesss a decisive and determinative paper in the formation of the progress idea, that can be understood in three main points: the first one is that Bacon conceives that knowing it does not have to walk for inertia, but must tread new ways for the development of scientific knowing. As it is that it is convicto of that this to never know will be finished and third is that science is not presented as a set of opposed theories, but as a process in development, presenting itself as general theories that include the theories old. Thus for Bacon the progress of the knowledge would be the social changes and politics lead for a new method. The development of sciences and the philosophy would propitiate a great change of the human knowledge and one remodels in the life of the men.

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