The Facade

The finished building: 51 Vallecas, opened on December 29, 2009, last of the great work of the study we are architects, promoted by the Municipal housing company and soil (EMV) of the capital in Madrid, differs very well on its way to externalize the modern architecture, now using plastic, but reflecting sunlight, and changing of coloration, according to time. The facade designed irregularly with green tones and materials (almost all plastic and glass) that are used on the facade printed an image contemporary, clean, easy to wash and turn the contemplation of polycarbonate panels, as well as the proper combination of 369 Windows respond to eight different measures, but which qualify itgive it distinction, noting the typical facades of buildings, we believe all this is the most significant. While the design of the interior architecture has sought a wider from the the portal design and has been used in the design of the courtyards, uniting them to achieve greater interaction and socialization among neighbors that inhabit the building. The housing has a design of Windows with the criterion of the use of cross-ventilation (use of Windows in almost all walls), achieving better health and sustainability of each apartment, and light metal railings, which includes facilities, to prevent large ruptures of aesthetic with the design of the external networks, which need an almost always rigid path have been used, but skillfully designed is not noted. We hope that these new siding, the use of brick collectors of water, walls in which climbing plants, the use of covered with drop cloths against moisture, are embedded to design these Masons with edible plants, as well as the use of solar panels, and home theater equipment, will enable among other ideas revolutionize architecture, that with the discovery of others important scientific findings as the nano, and the recycling of water, the bio-digesters, and others, to make the 21st century housing, a housing ecological, sustainable, saving water, energy, and above all more comfortable, aesthetic, and lower cost. To think, plan, design, and obtain better success for all.

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