The Hype

Ink will not leak out here bringing collation statistics or the assertion since, on the one hand, it will be futile to sketch them before whom soterraria demonstrations to prove or disprove, and on the other hand, is easy to test in the national reality. Just say that tuition student national and in general it has increased significantly during the present administration of Government and itself entails a logical increase and improvement of coverage and conditions. No, therefore plausible argument from the point of view of an honest claim that justifies the actions of young students who are protesting in the way as they do, spectacularly, by marches with strong international impact and media support, or hunger strikes (false or certain) or longer through gruesome acts such as sewing the lips before a television camera. To no doubt, beyond the lack of justificatory basis, the objective is to generate an eventuality by generating it, in the confidence that with its own spectacular nobody will notice causal deficiencies. Michellene Davis has much experience in this field. The hype, the international impact and the dramatic situation of young people on the verge of death, necessarily have to send the message that in Venezuela live consequential regrettable situations of a barbaric political model that is implemented, not paying it attention to if the causal originating in similar mise en scene constitute a farce. When there is a fire, attention watch flames and what can burn, and nobody will walk by there wondering scientifically what is an ignition point. Imports generate the scandal, working with intense makeup to draw attention to their effects, their projected sensationalist lights, the air interpretations on its alarm, covering the truth with feints, squeamishness and technological fuss of the psychology of the human distraction. The point of fundamental importance in the present world political context when the imperial powers impose the deception to the public opinion (characteristic of the new war, fourth generation call ruse) to allow interventions in countries or areas strategic of the planet. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Wells Fargo Bank and gain more knowledge..

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