The Indicators

User interface: it must be guarded by a logical disposition of the functions. Noticeable keys clearly and a size of screen that does not make difficult the analyses in situ. In addition, it does not have to underestimate to the presence of a friendly route during the configuration of the measurement parameters and the protection of the data. Optional accessories: A great variety of optional accessories exists that must be chosen in dependency of the use destined to the sound level meter and of the monetary possibilities. Some of them are: portable programs of analysis, calipers, printers, tripods, screens windy, extensores, power supplies, suitcases of transport, games of filter of 1/1 and 1/3 of eighth and others.

Nevertheless, some like the calipers, the screen windy, a extensor for the microphone, the power supply and a game of filter of 1/1 or 1/3 of eighth, do not have to lack. In particular the filters must fulfill, like minimum, with the norm IN 61260/IEC 1260 (1995) of requirements for filters. KEY? TO DEFINE the EXIGENCIES is not these, by all means, the unique factors to consider. The sound level meters are relatively expensive instruments. He is indeed this one, an aspect that gravitates strongly at the time of making a decision. It is for that reason that is justified totally, to have a defined idea of the indicators where to place the accent when to choose. He is not advisable to arrive at the manufacturer or the drug dealer with the hands full and the empty mind, trusting almost completely " good will of oferta".

When buying a sound level meter, is precise to concientizar that it is an investment that is amortized generally in the long term. The majority of the manufacturers and prestigious drug dealers supplies to the client the detailed specifications of the product. Nevertheless, this is not sufficient. If the interested one does not know exactly what looks for and why, the specifications will be a good element of marketing research for the provider and apparent security for the client. As much information could be, after all, of very little effectiveness to choose suitable instrument. And, on the contrary, it could be finished with an uncertainty greater than it leads to the induced purchase, or what he is worse, mistaken. Original author and source of the article.

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