The Internet And Entrepreneurs

Why not get results? The first mistake of entrepreneurs to implement their Internet presence is considered that any development is to hire a beautiful website, with animation, sound, lights and flashes and then sit back and wait for magic, the website will attract hundreds or thousands of visitors. Not so, to have to do more than that. And what is worse, believe that the Internet, simply because of how well they inform us as we do things, tell the story of our company and show you some pictures hypnotized fall at the feet of our cash register. The second mistake is not to measure results. Many business owners with website, they have no idea how many visitors come to your website, that reach or why not come, do not have the tools to know whether your website is attracting traffic, if it attracts, as a visitor to get, nothing useful will be a lot of visitors, if none of them are interested in our products or do not have the ability to buy them. The third error is a consequence of the former and becomes the closing the vicious circle, “no corrective action is taken, of course, it did not have indicators that allow us to know where and where we go, we also like to know where and we will prosecute the ship adrift, going nowhere . Respond yourself dear reader this simple questionnaire that requires no technical knowledge or marketing expertise to solve it.

* What results obtained from its website if nobody visits it? * Who will visit your website if nobody knows it exists? * What is the level of visits that should have its website? * What should implement corrective measures if you do not know the above data? * As you can measure whether their investment returns a profit for your business? * Is this the way we invest the resources in your business? Simply put, the majority of entrepreneurs in SMEs that have implemented a website does not get results because of the lack of strategy, lack of indicators and little commitment to one of the fronts that could become the largest generating opportunities and profitability for your business. The network is a powerful tool that not only properly used will generate opportunities through access to new markets and allow us to improve the service and the relationship with our existing clients, creating satisfaction and loyalty. The Internet, used to inform, interact or as a means of promotion, is undoubtedly one of the most efficient and economical alternative, which day by day become one of the most important business platform for all types and size of business. E-mail has replaced almost absolutely the traditional mail, chat and video conferences have revolutionized the way we interact person to person, social networks have revolutionized the way we relate to friends, family, colleagues and future clients to contact and know the market. The network access is available in more places every day and more affordable, requiring different technologies converged devices around us inform, entertain and communicate, has become part of our lives faster and with greater coverage than any other medium in the history of media. For these and many other reasons, we should seriously consider integrating our business model, tools and resources that enable us to achieve greater competitiveness, research, prepare and invest time and resources in the environment that will undoubtedly be the center and the nervous system of our business. Being on the Internet, is no longer an option.

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