The New Multilevel Marketing

These are new times for our industry. For those who come from the old school – put leaflets in the streets, make business meetings, sell House in house-products, this new stage was something necessary, almost indispensable. Fijate bien. Online launch new marketing companies MLM or network marketing each year, creating a fierce war between us. Thousands of dealers compete to get clients and distributors thousands of them also leave in the first year of your business, tired of investing time, money and effort. They have been captured by leaders that, in many cases, cannot see beyond their own check, and only know how to repeat the methods that worked 20 years ago. But that no longer work more.

If you’re like me, if you want to succeed in MLM Online, you will have to change strategy. You will have to renew you, and learn a different philosophy that has taken and is taking – the most absolute success to some heavyweights of the industry in States United. The truth is that I consider myself privileged to have the key to this philosophy. Now I am a totally different entrepreneur so I suggested I teach all networkers, and above all the of Spanish-speaking, (for whom language is a barrier black) this method. Well, I would say the method, because in a few years it will not be possible to win big in another way money why I want to disseminate this information? Well, is a matter of pure thanks to my mentors would like to return a little of the good them I have done I am a fan of marketing, and even more the multilevel marketing, so this is my contribution to the wealth of all those who are suffering to remove your business afloat. It may this not like everybody, above all to those who are in the top of the companies, but so are things.

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