The Open

But, it has who goes to say that: The life is thus. It seems that the human being, if not yet lost, is losing the hope and the intention of living. The world seems to be in state of widowhood with the proper one to be. It is not had plus one futurstica vision, what it interests is here and now. I want to be happy to any cost. It is lived inside of a conformity, of certain forms the common sense is annulling the proper will. To broaden your perception, visit Christie’s. ' ' In this world of as much pressas, does not have space reserved for the speech that demands calm and tranquillity to be understood.

Fteis interviews occupy our afternoons of sunday. Celebrities without no formed opinion appear in the screens in national net to repeat its speeches fools on so serious questions. Naked posa people in the magazines and if become reference for our children. We are obliged to support the open canals of television with its artificial programming, its so blind videntes for the real necessities of our people. A people whom he needs culture, information and entertainment of quality. A people who starts to like coarse it, because this is only offered &#039 to it; '. In the great metropolises, of the whole world, one always sees people rambling, as that without route, for the streets and in squares that if become meeting point. These people they had received? affectionate? name, if thus can be called, of street inhabitants and, incrivelmente these people are taking this name as identity. I run over probably it of the life took them it this condition. She will be that it is this life that they desire? The life is thus? These people are losing the time or are if losing in the time? Perhaps they will go to look at for the thousands of other people in one run-run, as that cheap idiots and, will say that the world is wild.

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