The Persons

11. Can you reconcile joint custody? Yes, provided that the principle of best interests of the child is taken into account. 12. What correlative number must be given to the rectificatoria Act? You must continue with the consecutive number of proceedings which conclude the conciliation proceedings, and indicated in the header is a rectificatoria Act, making reference to the minutes field of rectification. 13 Of not producing the rectification by absence of the guest, you do? Shall be a recorded lack of agreement by non-attendance to the notice of rectification of acta. 14 Does the Act due to lack of agreement, replace the Act which is intended to rectify? No, because the lack of agreement is considered as the desire not to rectify the Act by absence of the guest part. 15.

If the hearing of rectification of Act intends to address an issue that was not subject to the Act to rectify, come from its inclusion? No, because this only replaces the previous one, not being able to make new arrangements. 16. How can you reconcile with expired ID card? No, however exceptionally it can reconcile with expired ID if present, the original of expired ID more constancy be doing the corresponding procedure in the RENIEC. The presentation of the current DNI is essential in all cases. 17 If the conciliation hearing the applicant or guest, part is constituted by several people and do not concur to the audience any one of the persons that forms one of the parties, during two times consecutive or alternate, what you should do? It should be lifted the Act of non-attendance of one of the parties to two sessions, as deemed that the part is formed by all the people who compose it and the absence of one of them, it involves lifting the Act above. Example: If the requesting party is composed of 1 person and the guest by four and of the four, does not concur to the hearing person on two occasions, attending the other three, the conciliation procedure is complete by absence of one of the parties to two sessions.

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