The Power Of Social Media

Stuttgart region in the social networks there is no way passes currently in the marketing presentation of marmato GmbH at the Chamber of Commerce. Those companies, which were not represented Twitter & co. until now on Facebook, enter no later than now. The reason? : Great potential on it, to be used to maintain online. Just for trade, a significant development has revealed this: customer recommendations – since always been the key to success – find more online now instead. For more information see this site: Robert Kiyosaki.

Earlier recommendations in terms of product, service, etc. were passed in the circle of friends and acquaintances in personal discussions. The range was rather low. Today all this is happening on the Internet: A user submits a review – and potentially anyone can read them. The range rises dramatically! The user network with each other and share recommendations. Large effects can adjust themselves – both positive and negative ways. The network effect is a power not to be underestimated. In this context, Thomas Goring, Managing Director of marmato speaks GmbH, today 1st June 2011 before the Commerce Committee of the IHK Region Stuttgart on the topic “social media: threat or opportunity for the retail?”.

The lecture is about, how to – housing insert social media use and implement consistently and in the long term in everyday because just because many companies in practice fail. This lecture forms the end of a successful series of three lectures at the Chamber of Commerce. The “road show” is terminated successfully. More dates are being planned!

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